• Bless, The Suspects EP
  • I’m looking at the door, The Suspects EP


“That one might become the kind of person who, without intending it, is a source of marvellous accidents”

Amy & The Calamities is the creation of solo artist Amy Wawn, a London-based musician and singer-songwriter originally from Zimbabwe. As a solo performer, Amy’s style ranges from foot-stomping rhythms and folk melodies to the dirty-delicious sounds of delta blues on the slide guitar, with her own signature vocals and thoughtful lyrics.

  • Glow, Ammartia


“I love to live my life and I can witness all the world but I would love to love you truly, can’t you see that I am human?”

Ammara Brown is a Zimbabwean female singer (Afro-pop/RnB), song writer, actress and brand ambassador. She is the daughter of iconic Zimbabwean singer Andy Brown. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, she started her career in the 1990s, debuting in a TV commercial together with Oliver Mtukudzi.

Brown affectionately refers to her fans as Ammartians. Her latest album is Ammartia and it was launched on 10 November 2017.


  • Rudo Chairwo, Chikwata Chauya
  • Moyo Wangu, produced by Mboks


Once upon a time the spirits would talk through the mbira but people did not listen. Now the spirits are shouting through our music

Mbira-punk: A fusion of traditional Zimbabwean sounds and modern, funky twangs and pop music beats. Chikwata.263 is a musical meal fit for a king overlooking his kraal filled with head banging cattle in a mosh pit. Oh yes and the king is dancing. He is shaking his butt and flicking his hoof with attitude. It’s like he is the Lion King who decided to hang with the sleeping, and stay up all night. If someone was asked to describe this band they may have waxed lyrical just like that.


  • Sombhula feat. Willis Wataffi, Bantu Migrant
  • Rainbow, Bantu Migrant
  • Bantu Move feat. XMile, Bantu Migrant

“LISTENING to Djembe Monks’ latest album, Bantu Migrant, is like taking a voyage, just like part of the album title suggests — “migrant”.”

The Djembe Monks perform live tribal house music. The act is popular for its’s inimitable and enthralling blend of house music and live percussion. So riveting is their sound , as they jag the traditional African drums and organic vocals with the modern wheel spinning hum.

  • Kubatana Kwakanaka, Kamikaze Test Pilots/Tomson Chauke
  • Emigre, Stealing Chameleons
  • Patrick, Kamikaze Test Pilots


A Grooving and Soulful Approach to Hard Rock That’s Aggressive and Odd

Kamikaze Test Pilots is as the name suggests, a contradiction – a no rules, non-conforming suicidal mesh of influences and sounds that constantly reinvents itself with each new song. The intoxicating mix of hypnotic rhythms and electrifying guitars will be sure to leave you stimulated and desperate for more.

  • Don’t Give Up, What’s The Time Mr Wolf?

“Don’t let them tell you you’re too much… Too dark, too bold, too much… Too Bold”

Noisettes are an indie rock band from London, currently composed of singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa and guitarist Dan Smith. Shingai, the legendary front woman and bassist from The Noisettes has just ignited a new chapter with her first full independent album – ‘Too Bold’!

  • Million Reasons,


“If I can reach just one more person to let them know that they can, then I’ve been a huge success”

PrayerSoul a storyteller in essence but a musician in expression. This Zimbabwean native is a singer-songwriter who tells authentic African stories through soul music. As a solo performer with voice and guitar he connects intimately, it’s always a journey but wait until you experience him with a full band, it gets bigger and better, his charisma becomes the fabric that holds it all together making it more than just a performance but an experience.

  • Mwana Wenyu, A Few Good Poems
  • One Day, A Few Good Poems
  • When You Walk, A Few Good Poems
  • Daijies In The Sky, A Few Good Poems


“Tisu Ngoda Dzacho still still, until until.”

Tendai Ryan Nguni, better known by his stage name Tehn Diamond now Tehn] is a Zimbabwean hip hop rapper, singer and songwriter from Harare, Zimbabwe.

  • Your Time Starts Now!
  • Meet The Chefs
  • Secret Weapon
  • So Sad To Go
  • Anesu’s Audition
  • Amateur At Best
  • Charcoal Masquerading As Chicken
  • The Final Battle
  • And The Winner Is


“Sonic medicine for the many frayed hearts that need to believe in something real and feel that sense of hope once again.”

Ryan broke a 96 year high school record at the age of 14, thanks to his musical talents. Newly armed with a violin, his passion for music was already bending realities for him less than a year after taking up instrumental music.

With a passion for vocals and strings, he enjoys channeling emotions and packaging them into recorded soundwaves. Add film to the recipe and you’re in a whole other galaxy!.


Besides the super cool artists who appear on the Cook Off soundtrack there are also a number of Zimbabwean artists with Cameos in the film – here’s a helpful list with links:

  • Sylent Nqo

  • Chirikure Chirikure

  • Pablo Nakappa

  • Jefferson Muserera

  • Kevin Hanssen

  • Kudzai Sevenzo